We Are Re-Launching!

The SnapGoods team has grown up immensely over the past 3.5 years. We've built a 50,000+ person community and supported thousands of awesome p2p transactions. But, based on what we've learned, we think we can do even better for certain members of the community.


We're obsessed with helping people make the most of their networks. And, as we experimented with ways to make networks work for people, we stumbled onto something incredibly simple.

We named it Simplist.


Here's the simple idea: You should never have to waste time figuring out who in your network is the right person to reach out to.


So we're launching Simplist as its own simple people-finding and outreach tool for professionals. And then we're tightening our market focus for SnapGoods (hint: Photogs and Indie Filmmakers, get ready). Finally we're going to introduce the world to SnapGoods 3.0 (using Simplist to help our relaunch of course). It's on!


Want to make sure you're in the loop on our progress? Are you a media professional and want early SnapGoods 3.0 access?