Snapgoods is now Simplist

Where's Snapgoods?  (you ask)


Allow us to explain:


Over the past 3.5 years we built a 50,000+ person community and supported thousands of p2p transactions. We love this community, and we love what makes communities work, so we are re-focusing on technology that helps people make the most of their own communities.


What we built was a simple tool for understanding who to ask for help in your network.


We named it Simplist









A simple idea: You should never have to waste time figuring out who in your network is the right person to reach out to.


Finally we're going to introduce the world to SnapGoods 3.0 (using Simplist to redefine the experience, of course). In the not-too-distant future. Give us your email to hear more about Snapgoods future plans.


Want to make sure you're in the loop on our progress? Are you a media professional and want early SnapGoods 3.0 access?